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100 EPIC Days - Summer 2021!

Posted by Leeanne Brennan on

100 epic days summer 2021

Summer 2021 sign up is open!! It is free to join, we start June 1st. 

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I want this for you! You will literally feel like a different person by the end of 100 days, just like I did.

The reason I started my last 100 day challenge this past January was that I was really wanting to find a way to create while raising my then 6 month old son. I needed something other than changing diapers and folding laundry in my life in order to feel fulfilled. I knew I wanted to be creative, but it had been so long since I had drawn anything, and my day was already so chaotic, that I was terrified to start. I gave myself this challenge, created some rules around it, told my husband it was VERY important to me and took the plunge. I remember in the first month it was a real struggle, but by the end, I was fitting it into my day with ease and the drawings were coming to me in such a joyous flow-state way.  I remember on day 100 thinking, wow, I am a creator now! That's exactly what I had hoped for and I did it!

I would absolutely love for you to experience the transformation that I felt on day 100! You could choose to exercise for 100 days, meditate for 100 days, draw for 100 days, journal for 100 days - anything you want. I'll be sending a checklist of best practices soon!


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