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Lower The Stakes With Your Creativity

Lower The Stakes With Your Creativity

OF COURSE we know we're capable of more, but if we want to craft sustainable habits and take on creative projects without the grind, we have to lower the stakes. Now hold on, don't get upset. I know, trust me, I don't like it either, BUT there is magic hidden in cutting our goals in half.

Watch the video below to learn how scaling back can breakdown the barrier to entry and surprisingly lead to a road of work you love! 

I have 3 ideas swirling around my head for 2022 and I will pick one lucky winner for my 100 Epic Days project that starts in January. In about a week, I will pick one of the following:


If I create a book this year, YES of course I would love to write an intricate story with my illustrated character that I use in all of my drawings and have her march through her hero's journey, but I've never made a book before. If I want to realistically figure out how to lay out the pages, get it printed...etc. in 100 days without staying up late and sacrificing my day job, family and self - I need to scale back my intentions here. My plan is to simply take the drawings I used for my affirmation deck and have 1 drawing per page with an explanation on the opposing page. Boom, done, book in hand on day 100! I will celebrate the triumph of completing the book and look forward to the next one where I can take on something a little more complicated now that I've gone through the motions once.


I have such GRAND ideas for setting these images in motion! However, if I try to take on something too complex, I will get paralyzed and not even start. So, if I decide to do this goal, I will simply make a 5-10 sec. animated GIF that flickers back and forth between 2 similarly drawn frames, just to add a touch of motion. This will allow me to feel confident going into procreate and messing around with animation, exporting in the correct format, posting on social media...etc. By lowering the stakes with this goal, it frees up my mind to effortlessly step into day 1 without the fear and hesitation. 


If I decide to make a new card deck, I will follow the same process I did with my last deck. I will allow myself to go inward and create drawings based off of the books and podcasts I listen to about shifting our mindset around money. I will make a drawing a day interpreting what I am learning and let those drawings pile up without the outcome in mind. The in ANOTHER challenge, I will format the drawings for cards and print the deck. This takes the pressure off and acknowledges what I have time for. It will allow me to slip into that effortless job of going inward and sharing my soul.

I DARE YOU to lower the stakes this year with your goals!! Looking to get support with your creative practice or personal project?

CLICK HERE to join me for 100 Epic Days!

Let's activate your creativity in a way that suits your unique circumstances and season of life!


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