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Founding Members Discount - 100 Epic Days

100 epic days Leeanne Brennan accountability coach

A 100 day mindset and accountability program for creatives to help you get consistent and finish your personal projects amidst the chaos of life!




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Are you...

• An artist, writer, musician or other creative soul who lost their motivation, purpose, or daily practice to the chaos of life?


• Frustrated that you have NO time to create personal work and feel your impossible day swallow you whole from sun up to sun down?


• Constantly starting something creative that you're excited about and then stopping?


• Tired of your friend saying they'll be your accountability partner, and then they give up and leave you halfway through your goal?


Do you...

REFUSE to go another year with no personal work to show for it?


REFUSE to let the pressure of creating something "good" hold you back yet again?


REFUSE to feel alone in the challenge of overcoming life's limitations to create personal work? 


Me too! That's Why I Created 100 Epic Days    

This program was developed from my own experience as a mom of 2 young children balancing a day job with my desire to create personal illustration after a 10 year hiatus! I waited that long because I had convinced myself I couldn't create personal work with my growing mountain of to-do's. I didn't have friends who were going through a similar struggle so I just felt alone, threw my hands up in the air and told myself it was impossible.
After a huge personal wake-up call, I was forced to slow down, go inward and reflect. I dove head-first into mindset, habit-forming and manifestation work which allowed me to overcome the limiting beliefs I had around creativity in my current season of life. Pulling from my struggles and triumphs getting back into my own personal creative practice, analysis of my extensive research on mindset and manifestation, and years of experience in my day job as a video producer solving never-ending puzzles of how to create given enormous constraints, I developed a unique method that allows you to move through resistance, get back into the flow with your creativity without the burnout, and finish what you start!
me and baby drawing

 How Does It Work?

YOU PICK YOUR GOAL - Choose a creative act that will take approx. 20 min. a day to do. No goal is too small! This could be a daily habit you're looking to form or a personal project you'd like to chip away away at little by little. Pick something that you're curious about - I will help you do this inside the program!
GROUP COACHING - You will have a 4 day LIVE group coaching prep session to learn my unique method for creating daily amidst the chaos of life to set you up for success before the 100 days starts. From there you will have live group check-in sessions twice a month to share how things are going, get support from others in the group, and get the accountability needed to stay in the game!
PRIVATE SESSION - You will have a private 1:1 session with me to go deep on your particular life challenges and creative goals.
DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY - You will have DAILY, DIRECT access to me in our private community where I will be posting a thread for each day as we count down from 1-100. I will get to know your goal and life situation intimately and be there every single day to cheer you on!
COMMUNITY - You will be lifted up, understood and supported by the other like-minded creatives in the group who are going through the SAME experience as you with their own 100 day goals!
CELEBRATION - You will have a full week of live group reflections to process and integrate everything that has happened in your epic journey!
CREATIVITY - This word is used to encompass ANYONE who would like to express themselves from an inward place. This includes artists, writers, musicians, dancers and YES if you are a fitness instructor and are wanting to get consistent working on your digital course, THAT is a creative act. If you are a baker and want the accountability to post daily on Pinterest, THAT is a creative act! If you are a life coach and want to have the accountability to work on your podcast, THAT is a creative act! Everyone is welcome here!

What Is 100 Epic Days All About?



You will have the tools you need to apply your specific challenges to your unique creative goals and uncover a way to leverage open windows of time in your day to get your personal work done so that you're not staying up late and stuck in the grind. You'll come out of this program sitting down to work on your personal practice and projects with ease all while managing your impossible day!
Over the course of the 100 days you will reconnect with the joy of what you're doing. You will learn to detach from the end result and really celebrate the process so that every time you have a moment to express yourself it's easy, fun and something you really look forward to!


That moment when you want to switch your goal, and there's another new, shiny idea that you want to chase, you will be stopped you in your tracks!  My direct support along with the others in the group, will keep you inspired and encouraged to really stick with what you're doing for the 100 days and see it through to the end which will set you up for a wild transformation not only in your creation, but what you're learning about yourself.
Through the community, live check-in events, 1;1 coaching session, modules and workbooks you will have the space and prompts to really reflect on how you're changing as a person as you move through this program. This will allow you to reinforce your new creative self so that you can apply the breakthroughs you'r experiencing to ANY creative project you take on in the future!

Sounds Good Right?

Through just 20 min. a day of creating just for you - not your boss, not for a commission, not for what you're "supposed" to be doing - but from the heart - you will unlock parts of yourself that have been dormant for years!
By creating daily, you will return to your old self, and ironically have MORE energy, perform better at your day job, and radiate an energetic magnificence that will not only warm your soul, but shock and entice those around you!
I'm here to show you the way and hold you accountable for 100 Epic Days so that you can have your best year yet and uncover your true potential amidst your impossible day, without the grind!

Epic Testimonials! 

carla testimonial
Because of 100 Epic Days, I’ve created a daily habit of watercolor painting as my form of self-journaling. The response from others viewing my work has been magnificent, as well as surprising to me and now my eyes are set on turning my work into other income sources of income! I had experience following Leeanne in the past and was intrigued by her passion and zest to create art her way, which is why I joined 100 Epic Days. I wanted tone surrounded by a kind and uplifting community and it was obvious Leeanne was creating that. Leeanne worked right along side us with her self imposed challenge and she held zoom “check-in” calls throughout the 100 days which allowed many in the group to better know one another, and help cheer each other on. I loved that each member of the community chose their own personal version of what they would commit to. It brought lots of variety to the game, was fun, uplifting and inspiring to follow others daily.  Trust me, I will be playing along on the next and upcoming 100 Epic Days! Leeanne is a true gem!
Carla, Artist
cherry testimonial
Since I was a kid I loved creating and drawing but as an adult I never made time for it. I would make things for friends but as far as my artistic abilities I never made any effort to develop them though deep down I knew I wanted to. I felt uncomfortable trying to make time because it seem trivial and I never considered myself a “real” artist. Then I saw Leeanne’s post inviting us to join her for 100 Epic Days. I thought why not? Maybe I’ll finally take the time to get creative and maybe begin developing my skills. I have never finished a daily challenge so I actually had low expectations for finishing the 100 days. But Leeanne set us up for success by talking about cop-out days and no judgement if you missed a day. She also set up a fantastic accountability group on Facebook as well as live Zoom group check-in's. To my surprise, I looked forward in creating something daily and posting everyday. I stepped out of my comfort zone and posted artwork that wasn’t “perfect”. At the end of my 100 days I felt not only that I have grown in my artistic skills, I also finally was able to call myself an artist! Oh, and I am not stopping creating daily!! Thank you Leeanne for showing up for yourself and in turn for us! I am so appreciative of your leadership and cheerleading these past 100 days!
Cherry, Inner Child Portrait Artist
shu testimonial
I want to send a big thank you to Leeanne for creating 100 Epic Days, that inspired and motivated me to complete and publish the first of my Fury stories. This book had been up in my loft (in two different countries) for over 20 years. You'll never know how much you've kept me on track, and I'll never be able to thank you enough.
Shu, Artist
Ruthie testimonial
Thank you so much for doing this! The amount of time and energy you devoted to supporting all of us on our journey is amazing and so appreciated. The project absolutely helped me create a new habit and routine around sketching. My goal was to find more time in my day to draw, and just by sketching a few minutes a day, it reminded me that I can do it anywhere and anytime. It doesn't matter if I don't complete beautiful finished drawings. Just finding a couple minutes a day to draw makes me feel more like myself and really just happier. Now I bring a little sketchbook everywhere I go! Thank you for helping me create that new habit.
Ruthie, Custom Pottery & Portrait Artist
Kathy testimonial

Joining 100 Epic Days was so gratifying! Thank you Leeanne for creating a space for us creative souls to share the things we love to do and give us insight on new paths to express ourselves. I always had a love of nature photography and was happy to share my moments with other like minded individuals. The challenge really kept me accountable to take some time each day and take a look around. Thanks again Leeanne, this has been a delightful journey and so look forward to our next adventure.

Kathy, Designer
Amanda testimonial

There is a magic that happens when we work with others, supporting and holding each other accountable to reach our goals. A few things make 100 Epic Days unique compared to other things I have done. First it's 100 days - long enough for us to make real headway and gain trust in ourselves to show up everyday. Second, Leeanne shares daily her own journey with us, both struggles and triumphs, along the way which helps give us insights into what we are experiencing as well. And most important - at least for me - was the intention setting at the beginning, before the 100 days even started, which really set us up for success. Knowing not just our goal for each day (or the goal for the project after 100 days) but also having plans in place for days we face resistance, and a higher goal of who we are becoming through the process, was really powerful!


Amanda, Author / Artist





Feb. 1st-4th. We'll gather together on Zoom to prep our mind and space for our 100 days and meet each other!


Dispel limiting beliefs around time and creation, tailor your process to fit your hectic life, and get best practices that will allow you to slip into effortless flow state.


For the 100 days of our program, enjoy daily accountability posts with DIRECT access to Leeanne and the others in the group. This is a small, intimate community. Your voice will be heard and the camaraderie of like-minded creatives going through the same journey together will hold you accountable and make you smile every day as you check in!


Get support and accountably via Zoom check-ins twice a month. Move through any resistance, reflect, integrate how you are changing and who you are becoming by doing your daily creative activity! 


 Explore where you are at in your process (book at any time during our 100 days)


Decompress, celebrate and reflect for the entire week after our program via Zoom.
- - - - - - - - -

If you've been wanting to get consistent with your creative practice or complete a personal project...

This program will shift your mindset on how to get your creative work done and the accountability from myself and the others in the group will help you not only stay the course, but FINALLY, ACTUALLY, DEFINITELY get consistent and get comfortable finishing what you start, even with your impossible day! 



Let's activate our creativity and get into the flow together!






I'm new to expressing my creativity, is 100 Epic Days a good fit for me?

Yes! This program serves both seasoned creatives and newbies. This is a very safe space where you will have the tools you need to pick a goal that's right for where you're starting from and the encouragement to get it done!


I want to do this, but I have NO time!

This is EXACTLY why I made this program. It was literally developed out of my need to figure out a way to be creative while my 6 month old had me up all night nursing every 2 hours, I was in charge of managing my daughter's virtual school and and endless mountain of to-do's. Picking a goal that's easy and gently stepping back into your creativity will give you more energy and life than you can imagine!


I wouldn't call myself a "Creative" but I want to do this!

Absolutely, join us no matter how you classify yourself! This word encompasses any activity where you are expressing yourself. You could be a fitness instructor wanting the accountability to finally finish your digital course, you could be baker wanting a fun group to help you get consistent posting daily on Pinterest. This is a welcoming space to get in the flow and finish what we start!


What time are the live Zoom calls?

All group Zoom calls will be at 12pm EST. Replays will always be available. Don't let this hold you back from joining us. There were MANY people during the last round who did not attend a single live session. They watched the replays on their own time and and still got the insane connection, support and transformation they came for!


What is the time commitment?

The creative goal that you pick for your 100 days should take 20 min. or less to complete each day. There is a private Facebook community with a daily thread to post what you did each day and support others in the group if you would like, which should only take a few minutes. The live Zoom check-in calls are held twice a month and last 1 hour each.


When can I schedule my 1:1 session with Leeanne?

You can schedule your session at any time during our 100 days! It's up to you when you'd like to use it. Some people prefer to have a private call to figure out what they want to do for their goal, and some people like to use it later on to problem solve or reflect on how it's going.


I love the sound of 100 Epic Days, but would also like private work

With pay in full you get an additional private 1:1 session with me. I am also open to private coaching options for those looking for an extra level of support. Please email me at with your request.


When does 100 Epic Days start?

The program starts on February 1st, 2022. The first week is a prep week where we will be meeting daily (Tuesday-Friday) on Zoom at 12pm EDT to get set up for success (replays provided). You will have The weekend off to prepare (Feb. 5th-6th) and our official day 1 of our goal starts on Monday, February 7th.


What is the investment?

Founding Members Discount Pay in Full: $1,500

Payment Plan for founding Members: $250 per month for 6 months

*Pay in Full BONUSES:

-1 Epic Bones Affirmation Deck

-Additional 1:1 private coaching session with Leeanne


What happens after I make my first payment?

You will be sent a welcome email within 24 hours of enrolling in the program with your payment. This will include an invitation to our Private Facebook Community, a link to the 6 modules and worksheets that will set up for success with your goal, and a schedule for the first month of live events.


I'm afraid of making such a big investment, but I really want to do this, what should I do?

I totally understand. Jumping off this cliff is a big deal, but I promise it is worth it! Check out the testimonials above to learn how so many people's lives have been transformed because of 100 Epic Days. Also, listen to The Epic Bones Podcast to hear first hand success stories! What you learn about your creative process and how to fit it into your impossible day is learning that stays with you for a lifetime! This investment will carry you through to your beautiful creative life just like it has for me and so many others!


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