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Module 3

The Cop Out Day

This is the BIGGEST concept to grasp in 100 Epic Days, and the most important thing to do to craft a sustainable goal that will get you to day 100 and feeling that insane level of satisfaction and transformation.

module 3 workbook 


The Cop Out Day is a 2 min. or less version of your goal. It should relate to your goal and feel in the same world of it, but be the “lite” version. It should feel so simple and easy to do that it almost feels pointless to even do it, but it is ESSENTIAL!!


The Cop Out Day is for the days when we don’t really feel like showing up fully for our goal. It’s for the days when we’re feeling tired, or maybe it’s the weekend, a holiday, or your friend’s birthday. The idea here is that for our 100 days, we want to do our goal as much as possible, but we also need to be realistic to have it fit with the craziness that is life.


Some examples of goals and their respective Cop Out Days:



DAILY GOAL                                                       COP OUT DAY

Paint 1 6x6 watercolor painting

Paint 3 lines on scrap paper

Write 1 short story

Read for 2 min.

Compose 1 song

Play piano for 2 min.

Make 1 digital drawing

Hand-lettered 1 quote

Design 1 surface pattern

Doodle elements in sketchbook




Take a few minutes to brainstorm a bunch of options for your Cop Out Day. Remember to pick something that feels light, effortless and fun. Imagine yourself curled up in bed in your PJs because you don’t feel well, what could you do that relates to your goal that would be really easy and only take 2 minutes or less to do?





We also want to acknowledge and remove the shame around the “showing up less” on our Cop Out Day. One of the biggest reasons people give up on their goals is because of the shame and guilt of not doing it perfectly or every single day. Let’s take a minute to see that this is a real feeling, but then release it knowing that you’re going to feel differently every day, which means the way you do your goal every day will be different and that’s ok. Remember, the point of 100 Epic Days is not about the end result, it’s about showing up in a way that’s just right for us to stay in the swirl of our goal so that we can become the type of person that does that thing.


For my affirmation deck, I took almost 30 Cop Out days out of the 100 days!! That means almost a third of the program, I only showed up to work on my goal for 2 minutes! However, it was because of this built-in mechanism for self-compassion and pre-planning knowing I had a way out if I wasn’t up for it, that allowed me to get back to my goal the next day and keep going. There’s a great book by Seth Godin called, “The Dip,” where he talks about planning for that slump in your path where you’re not going to feel good about what you’re doing. If we see it coming, and we have systems in place to support us, we are able to sustain a long and beautiful journey.





 Before you start 100 Epic Days, I urge you have your Cop Out Day idea ready to go! I remember on DAY 1 of the last round, I used my Cop Out Day because life got crazy that day with all the posting I was doing for the program launch and my oldest daughter was having a bad day, so – I used my Cop Out Day and felt really good about it. Remember there’s no shame in the Cop Out Day!


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