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Module 4

Permission, Boundaries & Barriers

Put value on your goal – it may not seem important in the context of your world right now, but it IS important because you’re curious about it, and when we make space to follow our curiosity, we step into joy. By doing this you will wake up every single day invigorated and excited about life – what could be more important than that?

 module 4 workbook



Ask permission from yourself to do this goal.

Even though it seems like it may be insignificant and it’s going to take some re-configuring in your life to make it happen, give yourself permission to follow your curious and seek happiness in your life. When we are creative for ourselves (not for work or a commission) we are elevated to a higher state of being that fills our cup and makes living life incredible! Give yourself permission to feel that every day for the next 100 days.


Ask permission form others.

A big part of following through on our goals is to speak our intention out loud to others. Sometimes, this can be very intimidating because when we are first starting our with getting back in our creative flow or starting a project, we are in a very vulnerable place. It’s not necessary to explain the details of what you want to do, but it is valuable to let whoever is in your inner circle who interacts with you and how you conduct your day know that you are doing a creative goal for the next 100 days. And if permission is the right word for you, you can even ask them to give you permission to do this, like I did.



What will help you put value on your goal and elevate it to a level of importance? Is there anyone in your life that you need to have a conversation with to speak your intentions out loud, if so, who?




Sometimes we don’t even realize where we end and others begin. Oftentimes, when we hear the word boundaries, it comes across as negative. We can sometimes feel selfish for putting up boundaries because it at first glance feels like we’re keeping people out. However, boundaries are really an act of self-care. When we draw boundaries we preserve our vitality, and vitality means life-force, energy. I think we can all agree that the people who love us want us to feel energized and excited about life!


Boundaries could be with others or with yourself. It could look like making rules to not have your phone in the room with you while you work on your goal, to create a system with the laundry, not texting during naptime or telling your family not to call during certain hours. What how can you set limits, systematize and create guidelines for your life that will help free up some time?



What boundaries do I need to make with myself or others?




Any time you have an inspired moment to sit down and do your goal, you want to make sure there are no barriers to slipping into the flow. Sometimes these little mini obstacles won’t become apparent until you start doing your goal for a couple days, but keep an awareness of anything that triggers a procrastination event.



Scan your materials, set up and how you will do your goal and list out any potential barriers to entry to get into your goal and how you might remove them.



Get to know people you admire in relation to your goal. Someone who has accomplished what you are setting out to do who has already achieved it and found some level of success. Research them by reading articles, listening to podcasts..etc. and really get to know their story of how they got to where they are and what they do.


Then make your limiting belief statement based on any resistance that comes up when you think about them.


Well of course they can_________________________ because__________________________________________.



Well of course Ashley Longshore can be a successful artist because she doesn’t have kids.


Now write the opposite of that limiting belief statement as if it were a headline in a news article. Flip it around to be a positive statement.



“Mom of 2 kids succeeds in the art world”


Search your headline in Google and look what comes up! There will be tons of articles, podcasts, blogs and videos basically disproving your limiting belief. Read and watch these things to show your subconscious mind that your old story doesn’t have to be true!



Fill in your limiting belief statement:

Well of course they can __________________ because___________________________. 

Now write the opposite as if it were a news headline and google it!


Alrighty everyone, good luck as we keep pushing forward!


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