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Module 5

Seize The Moment

If we can learn to divide our goal and project activities into parts and build an awareness around when we have brain-off time vs. brain-on time, we suddenly have a greater ability to fit lots of productive creative work into our day.


seize the moment




This is when there’s lots of distractions going on and you are multi-tasking, but still have a sliver of your brain available for something else. An example of this is in the morning when I have my coffee and I’m up with my 18 month old playing in his room. Sometimes he’s happy for 2 minutes and I can sneak a little sketching in during this time (based off an idea I’m pulling a list I generated during brain-on time). Brain-off time is not when we are inspired. Instead, this is a time when we can execute our inspired ideas.




This is when we have spaciousness in our minds to roam. We may still be doing another activity like walking with the stroller, washing dishes or taking a shower, but it’s an auto-pilot activity that allows our minds to explore and channel ideas.



List some brain-off and brain-on moments for your specific life and all the moments in your day where you might be able to leverage this kind of time.



When inspiration strikes, we’ll get flashes of ideas and we want to make sure you capture them. We want to train our minds to cue up the roaming inspiration to apply to our project. And when we that flittering butterfly of an idea crosses before, we want to document it as quickly as humanely possible before it leaves us.



When we have little chunks of time throughout the day, this is often not when we’re feeling creative or inspired, so it’s so helpful to have a list of ideas to pull from so that you can chip away at something during a brain-off time. This a muscle that can be developed just like anything else. You can get really good at this as your 100 days goes on and you’ll be amazed as to what you can get done in the day.





Another thing you can do during your brain off time, when you’re making dinner, or getting ready for work or any other chunk of time when you’re busy but still have a sliver of mental space to put towards something – is to listen to podcasts or audio books that relates to your goal. This can actually turn into really productive creative time that feeds your idea list. For my drawings in the first round, I listened to a lot of audio books and podcasts about shifting mindsets, behavioral psychology, manifestation..etc. and in doing this, I would get those flashes of ideas for drawings and then quickly record them in my notes app. So all of sudden tasks like cleaning the kitchen or getting dressed turned into really crucial work sessions.



I encourage you all to really start to observe your day and look for those brain off / brain on moments, build a system to capture your thoughts, and find ways to be in the world of your goal during those dead space chunks of time throughout your day.


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