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Module 6

Affirm Your Future


One of the keys to my success in pushing through resistance to get in the flow with my creativity is to make custom affirmations for the specific goal that I’m working on.


module 6 workbook



Think about all the self-doubt, frustrations, any negative emotion that comes up when we think about goal. For example, with my affirmation deck, I was super nervous to take on this project because I have never made a product like this before and it seemed really overwhelming, big and intimidating. I didn’t know how to lay out the cards or the box for the printer, and I was nervous to share the deck with the world wondering if anyone would even want to buy it.



Take a moment to write down any negative emotion, resistance or inner critic thought that comes up when you think about your daily practice or project. Write that down in a list now.





Now you’re going to take that list you just made about your negative emotions pertaining to your goal and you’re going to write the opposite next to it. Sometimes it helps to use a Thesaurus and search for antonyms.


Here’s an example:


Negative Emotion                                                      Opposite

Taking on this project is scary, overwhelming and intimidating

Taking on this project is normal, easy and comfortable

I’m nervous to learn how to lay out the cards and box

I feel confident learning new things

I’m worried no one will want to buy my deck

I’m excited that so many people will love buying my affirmation deck



Take a minute now to write the opposites for your worries and turn them into positive affirming statements!



You can write these affirmations down on little post-its or pieces of paper and put them on your desk or hang them up where you will see them and read them a lot. It really helps!


All right everyone – let’s step into our future and get going on our 100 Epic Days together! So excited to let our beautiful journeys unfold! Don’t forget I’ll be posting a daily thread in our Private Facebook Group to hold us all accountable. This is where you can check in and let us all know how the day went, what you did and how you’re feeling.


If you need help accessing the group email me at



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