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Epic Reflections 1:1 Coaching Session

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You went through so much with your 100 Epic Days, the ups the downs and everything in-between. Epic Reflections 1:1 Coaching is a one-time, 1 hour session to hold space for you. We will:

  • Break down what happened from day 1 to 100

  • Examine who you are now, any shifts that took place

  • Plan your next steps

This will allow you to hang onto that learning so you can leverage it as you move forward with your life.

I know from experience that processing the 100 day challenge was something I really wish I could have done with another person that went through it. I didn't really give myself the time to examine all the changes that took place and celebrate how far I had come. This is so crucial because when we honor an achievement like this, especially if there was resistance to it going into the challenge, we are showing our subconscious mind that we are capable of change. This encourages us to take on new challenges and bigger things in the future!

I want to be there for you! I want to support you after this mega thing that you have done for yourself so that you can keep growing and unleveling in this life!

When you purchase the coaching session, you will get an email with an invitation to pick a time slot in Calendly. Please check your Promotions or Spam folder as the email might have gone in there.

Buy a session today so that I can hold space for you and all that you have gone through in your 100 Epic Days!