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Preorder - CUSTOM Message Softcover Journal - Open the Door

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CUSTOM Message - Open the Door Softcover Journal

Add a personal message to the inside cover of this 5.5" x 8.25" Softcover Journal. Perfect gift for loved ones or to reinforce a message to yourself!

This is a 144 page book with 70 lb - 100 gsm paper and water resistant cover. It comes in 3 page options, please pick one from the drop down: Lined, Blank or Dot-Grid pages.

*Estimated In-Stock by April 30th

About the cover illustration:

This illustration was inspired by the book, “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron where she talks about the mind being a room where we hold all of our usual ideas about the world and what is possible. She says the room has a door that’s open just a tiny crack and after we do the work of inner recovery, instead of slamming the door shut when a new idea floats by, we have the courage to nudge the door open a little bit further and let it in.

What a great metaphor! I couldn’t help but draw my version of it. I also put fear on the door, although she doesn’t talk about that in this example. I feel like the door is our limiting beliefs and fear that is trying to keep us safe and comfortable because it IS a risk to follow the unknown. It could fail, we could get hurt or disappointed so of course we want to keep that door closed! It makes sense.

That’s where the power of all of this personal development stuff comes in because if you do the work and you have a practice, you see failure as feedback, pain as growth and disappointment as a reminder to give yourself some love. And then you try try try again!

How to Send Your Custom Message:

  • Pick your paper type and buy the journal
  • Write your message (limit to under 200 words)
  • Send your message via the Contact form with the name you ordered with or email it to
  • I will email you back a confirmation with a mockup to get your approval before shipping
  • Enjoy!