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8 Things Learned in Round 2 of 100 Epic Days

8 Things Learned in Round 2 of 100 Epic Days

Because I had already done a 100 day challenge, I really thought there wouldn't be many lessons learned doing it again, but I was wrong! Here is a quick outline of what I learned, but I made a video explaining what I mean with all of these below:

  • 3 Goals = too many, pick just 1 next time
  • Your pants aren't the problem
  • Returning to your goal after a skipped day is victorious
  • 2 types of challenges - self-discovery & project implementation
  • After day 7 you'll be tempted to change your goal
  • After Day 25, time flies!
  • Group accountability is a thing and it really works!
  • I like leading a group and I think I found my calling
  • I can do hard things even amidst the chaos of life


3 Goals = too many

This was my 2nd time doing the 100 Epic Days Challenge and I got a little too excited… I made 1 big goal, to create an affirmation deck, 1 medium goal, to do 6 ab exercises every day and 1…seemingly small goal, to stare at my husband for 5 seconds every day. I stuck to my main goal and saw it through to the end, but my other goals I did A LOT of cop-out days and skipped a bunch of days, which is completely fine and part of the process, but I felt like I didn't truly commit to the other goals. It felt overwhelming and that I had taken on a little too much. So, next time I will pick just 1 goal, maybe a secondary small health goal, but definitely not 3 goals!


Seize the moment

With my ab exercises, after I overcame my limiting belief that I had to change into my yoga pants in order to get down onto the floor for the low impact workout I had planned, I realized a theme forming as the days went on. I saw myself constantly scanning every situation I was in to see if it might be a good time to drop to the floor and do some exercises (is my baby happy playing with a toy…is my 6 year old safe, ok quick, GO do a set while you can!!!). This has been a fantastic area of change for me because in the past I had more of an all-or-nothing attitude towards exercise. If I didn’t have 1 hour to devote to it, what’s the point, I would say. Not anymore, seize the moment!


Returning after a skipped day is the most victorious

Sure, I was proud of myself every day that I did my goal, but I was so surprised to notice how insanely victorious I felt after coming back to my goal after doing a Cop-out day or skipping a day. I think it’s because by returning to my goal, it was reinforcing my “becoming.” The coming back day was saying this continues to be important to me. These were days when I felt the habit was really solidifying and getting locked into my brain.


Self discovery vs. Project Implementation

There are 2 types of challenges here I’m noticing. The self-discovery challenge is what I did the first time. I was terrified to get back into drawing for myself after an almost 10 year break and I didn’t know where to start, what to draw or how to do it. Through the 100 days, I found the joy in the process, I found a style, a theme I liked and showed myself the “why” behind my art-making. The 2nd challenge (the one I did this time) was very clearly a project implementation challenge. I had a very specific big thing that I wanted to break down into little bite size chunks and chip away at every day until I got to the end. I was still wanting to “become” through the process, but there was a very concrete objective. I think it’s important to clarify which challenge you’re doing so that you can set yourself and your expectations up for success.


After the first 25 days, time flies

It’s intimidating to take on 100 days of doing something, but it’s really not a 100 day effort. The big, arduous push is that first 25 days. I made a note of it last time and this time. It’s day 25 when the thing becomes the new normal. Any day after that seems like a breeze. Multiple people who did the challenge this time around said that they couldn’t believe it when it got into the 80’s. They felt like time was flying and they didn’t want it to be over!


Stay in the box

On day 7 you’ll be tempted to change your goal. Your brain will be getting used to the action that you picked and you’ll want to, do it differently, make it harder, pick something else…etc. It’s one thing to follow your intuition and pivot if that is truly necessary, but if you know deep down this is the thing  - don’t change it. Stay in the box. Do the the SAME thing over and and over and over again. You will be surprised as to how this constraint makes your creativity explode and brings new insights that would never otherwise fall in your lap.


Group Accountability = Insurance Policy

On day 35, I made a note that I would have abandoned the affirmation card project on that day had I not been doing it live in front of a group. You know what it’s like, you start something and then get a million ideas for something else you can do related to that thing – shiny object syndrome! Having our little Facebook group and checking in every day, being able to search the hashtag #100epicdays2021 on Instagram and see that other people were still in this with me, made me plant my feet firmly on the ground and sit myself back in that chair to do the thing I said I was going to do! I am so grateful to everyone who did this with me!!


I Like Leading A Group!

It was a very spontaneous decision to offer this challenge to other people. I originally did my for 100 days by myself and that was challenging enough. I had this little whisper in my ear that because it helped me, it would probably help other people. I was very hesitant to open it up to a group because that meant a lot of extra work with sending emails, managing a Facebook Community, hosting live check-in events, commenting on people's Instagram posts...etc. I was already nervous about finding the time to make my affirmation deck, how would I fit this other work in?? Well, I did! Life makes a way and I'm so happy that I did because I think in doing this, I have found my calling in life! I want to be a leader that shows people by example how to take on fear, gently make small steps, and follow through with a goal or project.


I Can Do Hard Things

One of the women in our group said this and it really resonated with me. Creating this affirmation deck was very intimating, but I showed myself I could do it. I started with what I knew how to do and took on each step after that one at a time, figured it out and when I got stuck, asked for help. And now I'm standing here with a product in production right now with a LIVE pre-order page on my website to buy the thing that I was so terrified to even start. Now I have confidence to take on new, challenging projects in the future because I have shown myself that I can do hard things!

Thanks for following along on this round of my 100 Epic Days! If you'd like to join me next time, click here to learn more.



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