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Leeanne Brennan epic bones

About Me

Hi, my name is Leeanne and I'm an Artist and Mindset & Accountability Coach for Creatives living in North Carolina with my husband and 2 small children. I make sensitive, whimsical art to help unblock limiting beliefs and manifest a life we love. I run programs to help people start their personal creative goals, follow through and become the type of person that does that goal consistently without the hustle.

I practice, "gentle achievement" which celebrates the twisting, nonlinear, slow, unknown path of following the heart. I focus on compassion for the imperfect, and rallying around showing up versus "end results." I'm here to show people that it's ok to lower the stakes and release the pressure that we put on ourselves with our creative pursuits. It's ok to craft personal practices and projects that suit our lifestyle. When we let go of the outcome, and celebrate the process, magical, unexpected things happen. I am here for the magic. I am here for the surprises, and I invite you to join me.

Some Background

3 years ago, the thought of creating consistent personal artwork in sporadic bursts of time throughout the day while caring for little kids, would have seemed absolutely impossible. After discovering manifestation and going down the personal development rabbit hole, I have completely changed how I view my life and what's possible with my art and business.

My background in animation from the Rhode Island School of Design and many years working in video games and the innovation industry as a freelance motion designer have prepared me for this moment in my life where I'm ready to use my skills to tap into my subconscious to explain concepts around manifestation and mindset in a new way.

The art and programs that I create are a reflection of all that I am learning as I continue to do the deep inner work that is healing my soul. I strive to remind people that our minds are malleable and capable of changing our reality. Our alternate futures are waiting for us to uplevel and draw them in. Our dreams are already true.

My Art

I'm currently rebuilding my Instagram to showcase my Art on @epic_bones 

Right now you can see what I'm up to at @createwithleeanne



I'm honored to have been interviewed on the following podcasts:

Bold Becoming PodcastEp. 81 A Desperate Mother's Journey to Reclaim Her Relationship with Creativity with Leeanne Brennan

Rare Conversations, Ep. 4 - Find Your Limitless Potential with Leeanne Brennan from Epic Bones

Mother Mama Mom, Episode 04, Creating Both Life and a Business

Building a Life You Love Podcast, Episode 9: From working on Guitar Hero to launching a Personal Art Brand - Overcoming Limiting Beliefs & Designing a Life You Love 

Authenticity Over Everything Podcast, Episode 30: How The Artist Behind Epic Bones Reimagined Her Life and Started a Business of Mindset Illustrations

Should Theory Podcast, Curiosity over fear. When the BEST job isn't the best- with Leeanne Brennan

Omni Mindfulness, Ep. 74 Manifesting with an Epic Mindset A Conversation with Leeanne Brennan, Founder of Epic Bones

...I also have my own podcast :) The Creative Threshold Podcast


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