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epic bones Leeanne Brennan

3 years ago, the thought of creating consistent personal artwork in sporadic bursts of time throughout the day while managing 2 young children, would have seemed absolutely impossible. After discovering mindfulness and manifestation and going down the personal development rabbit hole, I have completely changed how I view my life and what's possible.

I currently live in North Carolina and make a point to create art every day. My background in animation from the Rhode Island School of Design and many years working in video games, the innovation consultancy world and as a freelance illustrator have prepared me for this moment in my life where I'm ready to use my skills to tap into my subconscious to explain concepts around manifestation, mindfulness and mindset in a new way.

This art is a reflection of all that I am learning as I continue to do the deep inner work that is healing my soul. It serves as a reminder that our minds are malleable and capable of changing our reality. Our alternate futures are waiting for us to uplevel and draw them in. Our dreams are already true.


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