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Leeanne Brennan epic bones

Hi, I'm Leeanne!

I live in North Carolina with my husband and 2 kids. Every day I’m managing the craziness of life while sneaking in a little bit of work on my illustrations and card decks.

I am a visual learner, and my art is how I process my journey moving through the mindset and manifestation techniques that have and continue to completely transform my life.

The central female character in my work is me, but it is also you. The simplicity of my black and white illustration style allows you to dawn the identity of the person who can navigate the chaos of life, and come out the other side changed, grounded, confident, optimistic and blazing forward with wreckless abandon.

The narrative storytelling and metaphors in my work allow you to align to the energy of holding compassion for self and taking action on your dreams no matter what.

Every series that I create has a theme. My first card deck was all about stepping into your higher self, and my second card deck focuses on manifesting more money! 

Whether it's through my card decks or art prints, my work serves as a visual aide to reveal your truth in lightning speed so that you can reach your full potential here on Earth. 

Some Background

I went to college at the Rhode Island School of Design for Film, Animation and Video. From there I went on to have a thriving career first in video games where I was a character artist at Harmonix during the era when they were developing the very first Guitar Hero and Rock Band!

I later decided to pivot over to motion design and found my niche in an innovation consultancy where I was able to use my nimble, minimalist approach to create in-house illustration, video and animation for design strategy teams working on new products and services.

After almost a decade working for other companies, I decided to go Freelance when I had my first child, and this is when I started to return to my personal work that became Epic Bones.

At first, the thought of creating consistent personal artwork in sporadic bursts of time throughout the day while caring for little kids, and balancing my Freelance work seemed absolutely impossible. After discovering manifestation and going down the personal development rabbit hole, however, I managed to completely change how I view my life and what's possible with my art and business.

The art that I create is a reflection of all that I am learning as I continue to do the deep inner work that is healing my soul. I strive to remind people that our minds are malleable and capable of changing our reality. Our alternate futures are waiting for us to uplevel and draw them in. Our dreams are already true.


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