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Epic Bones Affirmation Cards - Progress Report!

Posted by Leeanne Brennan on

epic bones manifestation / mindset art affirmation card deck

I am SO excited to start mocking up these epic bones affirmation cards!! I'm going to use my summer 100 EPIC days challenge to design 1 card a day. I'm thinking I'll make around 50 cards, so when I'm done designing the cards, I design 1 side of the box each day...and then when I'm done with that - I'll trying to figure out how to get this thing actually printed.

It was fun to mock this one. I printed out one of my drawings from my instagram and then used my daughters glue stick to put it on a heavier yardstick to see if I liked that size. It feels good to hold something that feels a little closer to real. Got me pumped to keep working on these, I can see it taking shape!

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