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Past, Present, Future - 3 Card Spread

Past, Present, Future - 3 Card Spread

Just like you would do in tarot:  card 1 is the  Past, card 2 - Present, and card 3 - Future


The first card pulled on the left represents the past. So, for this card pull below in this picture, you would ask yourself, "what have a tried that was new recently? Did I allow the magic of the Universe to hold me during this time or did my energy constrict?"


The second card pulled would be the present. This card says, "I choose my standards...and they are unabashedly high." So you would ask yourself, "how do I want my life to be set up? What can I put in place to stabilize this for myself without feeling shame?"


The last card pulled in the future. This card pull below is saying that if you do those 2 things (the first 2 cards) you will see money flow to you in your sleep!

Isn't that fun?

I didn't even show you the beautiful poems on the back of these cards that help you further attune to the message.

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It's time to soften into money's sweet embrace so that you can rise to be the one who fufills your destiny here on Earth.

Let's do this thing!



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