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The Space Between

Posted by Leeanne Brennan on

“...atoms, the building blocks of everything in the physical universe, are made up of a nucleus surrounded by a large field containing one or more electrons. This field is so large in comparison with the tiny electrons that it appears to be 99.99999% empty space. But, the space isn’t actually empty; it’s made up of a vast array of energetic frequencies that make up an invisible, interconnected field of information. So, everything in our universe, although it may appear to be solid, is actually 99.99999% energy.” - Dr. Joe Dispenza

Doesn’t this blow your mind? We focus so much on that tiny little part of us that is tangible, but it’s less than 1% of who we are! It’s the space between that counts in such a big way. That’s what we’re all trying to explore, to tap into, to optimize.

How can we walk through our day connected to that part of us that exists around the stuff that holds us together? That is the work, there’s so much more than meets the eye.


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