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Affirmation Cards

If you're interested in the affirmation card deck that I'm making and want to be notified when it is available and receive a SPECIAL BONUS with your purchase when they do come out, please sign up below! This will help you get info about the deck, but it will also let me know how many decks to order in the first print run. Thank you for your support!:

(Make sure to check your Promotions or Junk folder for the confirmation email!)

Thank you so much for your interest!! I'm so excited about these cards!!

sketch card deck
epicbones affirmation cards
epic bones affirmation card deck
Leeanne Brennan process

 Everyone who signs up to the Affirmation Card Wait List will get a special bonus with their order when the cards are ready to purchase!!!

I've wanted to make these cards for months now and I'm so excited to finally be putting them together. I anticipate they'll be ready in September 2021!! Thanks again for your support!