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Pre-order the Endless Soul Money Deck

Endless Soul Money Affirmation Deck

VIP Waitlist Preorder

The Endless Soul Money deck is getting printed as we speak!! I'm expecting I'll have them in my hands, and ready to ship in early September. This is your special invitation to be the first ones to order the deck, as you are all on my VIP waitlist. Thank you for showing your interest and enthusiasm by joining the list, as it really helped me finish this project up!

endless soul money affirmation deck

Bonuses for my waitlist crew:

  • Spoken Guide Book - short video explanations of each card housed on my course platform, Circle (you will receive an invite to this portal with the shipment of your deck)
  • Pocket Journal with custom money illustration on it from the deck
  • LIVE Event in October where we will work through your money blocks using the deck! (exact date TBD)



About the Endless Soul Money Deck


52 affirmations to heal your relationship with money and claim your effortless abundant life. Each card has a unique, empowering illustration and affirmation on the front, and a poetic message on the back to further your understanding and attunement to the card.

Your soul is waiting to soften into money's sweet embrace.

Use these cards to activate the goddess within who moves in confident energy and action towards more.



Deck Specs:

- 52 Cards, 3.5" x 5" with fancy gold edging

- Premium matte finish card stock

- Beautiful 2 piece box with gold foil details

- Ships from North Carolina, USA



This deck is perfect for heart-centered entrepreneurs, ambitious individuals striving in their career, college students headed out into the unknown or anyone who seeks to have a healthy, solid relationship with money.


Purchasing through this Preorder link means you are guaranteed a deck from the first print run.

*Order by July 31st to get the special waitlist bonuses

Decks are scheduled to arrive in September 2024



Thank you all for your loving support!

You are going to LOVE this deck!