Epic Bones Affirmation Deck

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52 affirmations to move through self-doubt and manifest a life you love

Reinforce the new vision you are holding for yourself and ask the questions that will help you move the needle in that direction every day.

The whimsical, empowering illustrations on each card of this very special affirmation deck serve as an aide to deepen the impact of each visual affirmation as you step into your higher self. On the back of each card is a supporting question to help further reflect and apply the meaning to your specific situation. 

Deck Specs

  • 52 Cards, 3.5" x 5" with fancy gold edging
  • Premium matte finish card stock
  • Beautiful 2 piece box with gold foil stars which makes this a special deck for you or a gorgeous gift!
  • Ships from North Carolina, USA

Customer Reviews:

"THESE CARDS ARE GORGEOUS!!!! The effort that went into them, the affirmations, the QUESTIONS- I am obsessed with these!!"



"I love that they are dual sided unlike most cards. It really helps you get the most out a drawing, it also sort gives a flips side perspective to the opposite side. Beautiful quality, thick matte cards with gold trim just as pictured."



"I LOVE THIS DECK! So beautiful and minimalist with powerful messages. I’d been eyeing this for a minute, I’m elated to finally own it. Thank you SO much!



"This deck is more perfect than I thought! Really excited to incorporate this into my self-care practice. <3"



"I like the quality, golden edges, and both sides of every card in the deck have a specific short question on it as well. On one side, you'll read small questions for reflection that are based on the affirmation on the other side of the card. I find it to be an interesting and original kind of style in a card deck that I haven't seen before at all. I'd definitely recommend this deck.😊"



"The visuals really embolden the affirmations. I love this deck, and use it on a daily basis. I have always understood the importance of words, but it wasn’t until Leeanne married words with such fun, cool, beautiful and inspiring graphics that I got the significance of daily affirmations."

- Carmen


"I love these cards! I wanted something at work that wasn’t too woo woo and could help ground me during difficult days. Love the double sided design with questions on the back. Highly recommend, comes in a nice box."



"It is so fun to pull a card and set your intention for the day with this gorgeous deck. I have been following Epic Bones for several months and have watched this young mother go through the process of drawing the artwork, designing the cards and getting them into production. I love to support entrepreneurs and am thoroughly pleased with this purchase."



Shipping Timeline

Please allow 7-10 business days for your deck to arrive. 

Decks and prints ship separately.


International Orders

If you live outside the US and would like to purchase a deck, please visit my Etsy Shop for international orders. Shipping times will vary.


You are going to LOVE this deck!

Get your hands on these unique affirmations to help guide you on your path to self-discovery and personal transformation.

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