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Let the Steps Reveal Themselves

Posted by Leeanne Brennan on

Having a goal and planning is great, but thinking we could possibly foresee the path that will get us to the top of that staircase only paralyzes us, forces wrong turns, and makes the process stale.

This is something I’m working on this year. I have a lighthouse goal that I am aiming towards and I’m intuitively feeling into one small thing that I can do each day to push the needle a tiny bit in that direction. I’m trying to stay present and not waste my precious time making calendars and giant to do lists. Instead, I ask myself (as I fix my 5 year old daughter a snack and balance my 7 month old on my hip) what can I do today towards my goal?  What can I do before nap time towards my goal? What can I do right now towards my goal? And little by little these drawings get done. This one I started at 6am and in small 5 minute increments throughout the day it gets done. It’s now 9pm and I’m just finishing it. This is a drawing that if I had uninterrupted time would have taken me less than an hour 😂.

I don’t know where these drawings are leading me, but I know I’m enjoying making them and this year I am following my bliss.

It will all be revealed in due time.


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